"This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force." - Dorothy Parker

Birds Outside the Window

Because the astrological alignment
of my breasts and your chest
reveal a footprint of the truth
Because when I laugh
you laugh too
Harmonizing like hummingbirds
outside the bedroom.
Because when I'm out of eggs
and out of luck
you sweetly brush knotted
hair from soiled eyes,
Because you have a smile
for every occasion
and I have a pair of retro stilettos
to match.
We dance and dream
together, looking out the window
as a stray dog, a mother pushing
a stroller, and a postman walk by.
Because you learn , I listen
and we both drink Cabernet.
Because you compliment
my shower singing
assuring I'd give Gloria a run for her money.
Because Sundays are for pajamas
and we both agree that
it's not our turn to do the dishes
that fresh cut flowers,
farmer's markets and fairies
prolong life and that the recycling
should be put out on the curb the
night before or it won't get done at all.
Because I know original funk
and after putting on rose glasses
you can see it too.
Because when I hear the word
love, all that is audible is your name
a silhouette of two souls
smoking through wine stained lips
in frog pajamas next to a pile of
dirty dishes smooching to the sound
of birds outside the window.

Brie Huling