"This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force." - Dorothy Parker


Literates Love aLiterating


I strongly seek sophistication

And actively admire alliteration

Done well it’s a source of pleasure

Done really well it’s a true treasure


Good ones tickle my funny bone

Bad ones often make me groan

Bloated, about to burst beast

A dead dog due to say the least


Finding favorite flowers for bowers

Gives me pleasure for many hours

Wanting white wine rather than red

Either in excess affects my head


Savory, sizzling smells attract me

They’re on the menu I can see

I don’t care about the price

I can afford another slice


They offer olfactory overload

Tell me to stop but don’t goad

You know I love salt, sun and surf

Their aromatic swirl is my turf


Sunbathers, slathering sunscreen

Borders on being obscene

Alliteration may be a disease

More serious than a sleazy sneeze


Best it should be repressed

Chronic users are depressed

Busy is the best bargain

Providing jaded jaunty jargon

Douglas Evered