Spring 2012, Volume 12

Art by Koo Schadler

Seven Portraits are egg tempera on true gesso panel and finished with oil.
Henry's Glance is a silverpoint drawing: ink and egg tempera on toned, true gesso panel

Artist Statement: I am motivated as a painter to make something beautiful and well crafted. My work is inspired by the imagery of old master painting and the medium of egg tempera. Egg tempera paint consists of three simple ingredients: powdered pigments, egg yolk, and water. It is made fresh daily and applied to a panel covered with traditional, homemade gesso. The paint is applied in very thin, often transparent coats of pure color that dry to the touch within seconds. Scores of layers are needed to build up an image, and the result is a rich and luminous surface of many interacting hues


BIO: Koo Schadler is a popular workshop instructor who has taught egg tempera and old master painting classes around the US and abroad.   Her egg tempera paintings and silverpoint drawings are in over 400 private and corporate collections worldwide, and in the permanent collections of many museums.  She also works regularly as a commissioned portrait painter.  Schadler is a master painter of the Copley Society of Art in Boston, MA, a board member of The Society of Tempera Painters, and a contributing editor to The Artists’ Magazine.   Her work is represented by the J. Cacciola Gallery in New York, NY; Arden Gallery, Boston, MA; and Tree’s Place in Orleans, MA.