Spring 2015, Volume 18

Photos by Sarah Katharina Kayss

For Alternate Non-Flash Gallery

Image information:
1 - Broadstairs, Wales, UK
2 - York, UK
3 - London, UK
4 - London, UK
5 - London, UK
6 - Oxford, UK

About the Artist:
Sarah Katharina Kayss is winner of the manuscript award of the German Writers Association for her poetry and essay collection Ich Mag Die Welt So Wie Sie Ist (Allitera, Germany 2014). She edits the bilingual literature magazine The Transnational (www.the-transnational.com) and works on her doctorate in military sociology at King's College London. Her artwork, essays and poetry have appeared in literary magazines, journals and anthologies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, New Zealand and the United States