Fall 2017, Volume 23

From the Art Editor

I was at an art festival this spring and hoping the wider world would continue despite an international political scene which suggested it need not. Many artists participating had a vision backed by good technique, a long commitment to their practice, a grounding in art historical research or other virtues, but Cindy Stoke's work sung out above them all.

Cindy's work is rooted in the here and now. And yet, depending on the last news report you might've heard, it either touches on some of the recurring beauties of our patterned world, to soothe and reset a wearied human spirit, or it stares clear-eyed at a Terra that is on a never ending journey in which the human portion is wee and brief. It made me aware that not only is art essential to human health and persistence, but that perhaps our obsession with the news of the day is only the latest solution to a more enduring human/Sisyphean task: how to learn ever more about the cosmos while evolving a cool and kindly society of our selves. Though our work won't ever be done, Cindy's art helps me find my right place amongst all the troubles available.


                                                                                     — Jack Miller