Fall 2020, Volume 29

painting by Matthew Morpheus

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Matthew Morpheus

Eden, Approx 59.8''х78.7'' (unframed) Aerosol spray paint, paper (2013)
 Fairy Tail, Approx 59.8''х78.7'' (unframed) Aerosol spray paint, paper (2013)
Card Number 12 , Approx 21.8''х 30.1'' Paint, Gelly roll pen, paper (2017)
Time: The Great Equalizer Approx 21.8''х30.1'' (unframed) Gelly roll pen, paper (2017)
Conquistador Approx 21.8''х30.1'' (unframed) Gelly roll pen, paper (2017)
The First After God Approx 21.8''х30.1'' (unframed) Gelly roll pen, paper (2017)

Artist Statement:

My work embodies the struggle of civilizations. The battle of cruelty, greed and faith in infallibility with divine laws. The painting draws its unusual and precise lines, where everything changes when viewing it from different angles. In these works, I use various, unusual materials, such as: luminescent and phosphoric paints, ink handles, aerosol paint, fluorescent paint, gel pens, and other materials.


About the Artist:

Matthew Morpheus (Sergey Matveychenko), was born in Ukraine. He is the recipient of several international awards, from Beijing, Moscow, and New York, and the author of the book Philosophy of the XXI Century: On the Other Side of Truth. "Accidents are not accidental. Each drop in the fragment of the picture creates the illusion of a new scale. This is an illusion—a microcosm in the macrocosm. The very idea of showing the fragmented nature of the world through structured chaos worried me from childhood. And, after so many times, I finally created the Microcosm in the Macrocosms. Every element is in its place. And each element is unique, like a person," says the artist of his works.