Spring 2021, Volume 30

painting by Matthew Morpheus

Edgar Vaskanyan

"Friends" (2004)
8 5/16''х 10 11/16'', drawing/greeting card from the "Nymphes and Mermaids" series: pencil and watercolors on paper

'The Evening" (2004)
 8 5/16"х 10 11/16'' drawing/greeting card from the "For My Love" series: pencil and watercolors on paper

"Unexpected Acquaintance"
8 5/16"х 10 11/16'' drawing/greeting card:
pencil and watercolors

"Nude" (2011)
18''х 23.5'' drawing: pen and pencil

"Vase with Two Apples and a Lemon" (8/2015)
14"х 10 1/2'' permanent marker and oil on paper 

"Venice, Italy" (8/2015)
14''х 10 1/2'' permanent marker on paper 

"The Tree"
(February, 2021)
9''х 12'' drawing: pencil and permanent marker
(February, 2021)
9''х 12'' drawing: pencil and permanent marker

"The Birth of American Star" (February, 2021)
х 12'' drawing: pencil and permanent markers

"Roses" (February, 2021)
9''х12'' drawing: pencil and permanent marker

Artist Statement:

This artwork was done in various years of my life. Each piece was affected by my mental and cultural experiences as I matured as an artist, and the different artistic styles reflect those experiences. The last 4 pieces were created recently and show my struggle with a deadly illness that has returned 9 years after I'd won the first battle. Currently I'm going through chemo and being so weak, I am unable to transform many of my drawings to the canvas, but I will as soon as my treatment is over. I combine Art Nouveau, Victorian, and Romantic era styles of the late 19th to early 20th century with contemporary styles, and in that way connect past and present. If we had not connected past and present, we would not have achieved what we have in the modern world of art today.


About the Artist:

Edgar is an ethnic Armenian and when a war broke out in the former Soviet Union, he immigrated to the United States in 1993. 

He now resides in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts. Edgar has created a very large 16 ½ feet high by 16 feet wide canvas painting with acrylic as a gift for a local West Springfield town church in the year of 2013. 

He graduated with honors, earning degrees in the Certificate in Civil Engineering and Associate of Science in Architectural and Building Technology, but he always loves to draw and paint as a professional artist and worked as the Art Teacher in Brooklyn, New York city in the past.

Edgar’s artwork and interviews were published in the following journals, magazines and newspapers:

Year April, 2013 Springfield Republican Newspaper

Year June, 2016 Brick House Review Art Magazine

Year Spring, 2021 Verdad Journal of Literature and Art

Year March, 2021 The Abstract Magazine

Contact information for any questions: