Spring 2008, Volume 4

Art by Ernest Williamson III

BIO: Ernest Williamson III is a polymath who has published poetry and visual art in over 115 online and print journals within a time span of 7 years. His poem "The Jazz of Old Wine" has been nominated for a Best of the Net award by the editors of "Thick with Conviction." He holds the B.A. and the M.A. in English/Creative Writing/Literature from the University of Memphis. Ernest is now listed in the prestigious Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers. Ernest is an adjunct English Professor at Essex County College. Professor Williamson is also a private tutor, a Ph.D. Candidate at Seton Hall University in the field of Higher Education, and a member of The International High IQ Society based in New York City. View more of his artwork at this address: http://www.eyeoftheart.com/ErnestWilliamsonIII