Spring 2015, Volume 18

Poetry by James Lineberger

Continental Drift

About a week ago
the one that everybody loved
to hate
walked off the job
and told her sister she might just
pile the family in the van
and drive out to see the Grand Canyon
so we all took
that as a notice of sorts
that she was quitting except
her son came in asking if anybody
had seen her
because she had been gone
for six days without a word to anybody
which her son said
was causing a lot of concern
in the family
particularly for him because he was
her firstborn and without
his mama
he might as well toss
in the towel because without that van
he was just lost




I am a retired screenwriter. My poetry has appeared in
Prairie Schooner; Berkeley Poetry Review; Stirring; Exquisite Corpse; Hanging Loose; Hayden’s Ferry Review; New York Quarterly; Ontario Review; Oxford Magazine; Pembroke Magazine; Sonora Review; Seneca Review; The Cortland Review; Texas Review; and Verse.