"This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force." - Dorothy Parker

The Garden, Take Two

Adam wears a customized Gucci
Leaf with just a sliver of light
from Solar Flares Inc. revealing
"Jamming Rams" insignia on his dormant
member, Eve parades in a Halston fibrous
netted top perforated by Edenic
Organic Bugs with matching slit
leaves, each one displaying words
from Garden Lobbies: Trust the Snake,
Stay Stupid, One Bite and You're Hooked.
Adam struggles over the choreography:
should Eve kneel as she offers the apple?

Eve pores over the contract drawn
up by Adam's lawyers, her progeny
in the balance. She requests that Snake
explain what Knowledge entails,
hoping to limit her liability.

The Snake insists on top billing,
disdains Eve's request for a peeled
apple. Adam demands a lightning
storm destroy the garden just
as they're leaving. God objects
citing Sound and Light's contract.

The camera crew readies for the
fourth take (the "J" version)
with Eve at fault, Adam on top.


                         Jerry Schaefer