"This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force." - Dorothy Parker


Verdad, Volume Two launch and reading will take place on February 27, noon until 1 p.m. in the English lounge.  Due to time constraints, a cross section of contributors will read but everyone is welcome!

Editor's Choice Award

The Cage
Peter Basson




His Words Burned Tiny Holes into the Sky
The Mind Will Play Games, Making Gods of Men

Emily Belzer

The Ultimate Alert
Audrey Burge

A Birthday
Stewart Caesar

Pins and Needles
Douglas Evered

Confessional 2
Kevin Franklin

Just Married
Nora Simões

The Little Can
Anne Roberts

The Witches of Edinburgh
Don't Pity, Don't Call, Don't Cry
John R. Guthrie

My Great, Great Grandfather With Napoleon
Sid Hoskins

Blood Line
Oh Captain
Blake Love

The Bumble Bees
Brie Huling

The Moon and the Kitchen Writer's Muse
On Island Grissom in San Pedro Bay
Bonnie Bolling

A Foggy Morning in Cerritos
A Way of Look
Phuong Thao Le

A Coffee Shop on a Friday Night
They Are, They Become
Eric Loya

Tanya Olson

Cotton in the Springtime
Juanita Rivers

The Garden, Take Two
Jerry Shaefer

Preacher in the Park
Jean Selvester

High Cost of Prosperity
Conlye O Waggoner


Bane of Man
Scenes 6-10

Chad Bolling

One Acts

The Waiting Room
Eric Loya



Short Stories

The Spur
Jason Casem

The Varieties of Pain
Rochelle Cocco

Uncle Bill at Sea
Uncle Bill - World Traveler

Douglas Evered

Mona Panitz

Daal Praderas

Interview with a Vineswinger
Richard Short

Faculty Contributions

Novel Excerpts

In Loco Parentis, Chapter 3
Christina Guillen

Velvet Pearson

Finding Middle C
Prologue and First Chapter

Natalie Shiavone

Unwired Girl, Part 3
John Stacy

Short Stories

A Golden Opportunity
Rhoda Greenstone

A Good Man
David Lipton

Anthony Starros


The Lemons
Just Now We Are Sitting in Sunlight

Frank X. Gaspar

Santa in a White Subaru
Rhoda Greenstone

Our Garden Dream
Kenneth Speirs


David Lipton

Art Gallery


Gusty Broad
Mark My Body
Old Man with a Beard

Sid Hoskins


Kelp Textures

School in the Arch
Sea Jelly Stars

Rob Anslow

Red Line
Waiting to Board

Melissa Kraft