Fall 2018, Volume 25

Poetry by Daisy Bassen


She was looking for a squid in the bay.
The seals lay on the rocks, the tide was out.
It wasn’t time to fish. The boat seemed disrespectful,
Noisy engine, the spume littering the waves,
Cast off wrappers. It was an old harbor,
Brick houses tight along the docks.
                                              There was no reason
To expect even one cephalopod with a filmy pair
Of eyes, neurons sloshing around the jelly,
But she had the binoculars and she didn’t want to miss
A scout, an immigrant, the first Overlord.




BIO: Daisy Bassen lives in Rhode Island and is a practicing psychiatrist and poet. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in English. Her poems have been published in Oberon, The Sow's Ear, AMWA Literary Review, The Opiate, SUSAN|The Journal, Arcturus and Adelaide Literary Review. Publications are pending in The Delmarva Review, The Minetta Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, Pirene’s Fountain, After the Pause and The Cape Rock.