Spring 2019, Volume 26

Poetry by Lexi Cary

Casa Azul

I will eat ashes in a Catholic country

I will spill blood on the yellow floor

I will chew and swallow teeth


Because women have so long been alone

Making self portraits

Bound in corsets

Waiting for the men to come home

From building monuments

How about monuments to fucking

To the nudes we take of ourselves

To our eyebrows

One continuous eyebrow woman to woman

And soft skin spanning a boulevard

Coat this broken world with woman

And watch it run wet

And drown itself




BIO: Lexi Cary lives in LA and works in TV production and also as a singer-songwriter. She has published previously in Germinal Mag, Westwind, and Spires Magazine. In addition she has won the David Sedaris Humor Writing Prize.