Fall 2021, Volume 31

From the Art Editor

Jack has been Verdad’s Art Editor since not long after editor-in-chief Bonnie Bolling cornered him at Breadloaf, 2010, with her dark, smart, persistent, quirky mealtime conversation. Thank you, Bonnie! It’s been fun and educational. I learned to care about how physical art can peek out at viewers through their unknowable screens, altered yet compelling. Our artists have all appreciated connecting to a wider audience. Thank you, Webmaster Rochelle; I know you actually make the zine that people see and love, and that the rest of us are just editors and emailers. Bill and Frank, I admire your enduring touch and sensibility from issue to issue. In the modern way, we’ve never been in a room together, but I hope we might cross paths one day. Chad Bolling, may your last name grant you peace and immunity in all your support of our editor-in-chief. 

I expect Verdad's next Art Editor will feature artists I could never have found. Good!

                                                                                                                                                     —Jack Miller