Fall 2008, Volume 5

Poetry by Larry Lawrence

Granny Said

Tears me up to see
my son in such a mess.
Should've killed her twenty years ago
when he first caught her cheatin' on him,
he'd be out of prison by now,
living a new life.
What can I say to change his mind?
She continues to mix the flour
with the shortening.
Rolling out the dough.
A jelly jar was all she needed
to cut the circles
to make some
cat head biscuits
They all think I don't know nothing,
but I do know,
I can make some biscuits.

BIO:  Larry Lawrence was born and raised in South Jersey. He left his hometown to attend Rutgers University and studied playwriting at Mason Gross School of the Arts. Currently he teaches technology and computers in several elementary schools. He has been writing and reading poems for many years now. He also travels frequently to locations in the Southeastern United States. Being a committed writer, avid father and devoted sports fan are essential to his life.