Fall 2008, Volume 5

Poetry by Matthew Roberts

Red is the Colour

(By Matthew Roberts, Aged 7 1/2)

Red is the colour of my lost pencil
    -that I shall never see again.
Red is the colour of my toy truck
    -that is buried deep in Skipton quarry,
Red is the colour of my mum's lipstick
    -who will die of cancer when she is 53.
Red is one of the colours of my flag, Union Jack
    -that was put there in blood by soldiers, sailors and slaves.
Red is the colour of the summer evening sun.
    -and still is there to give us hope.

Pre-History Mother

She cooks on wood fire
In hut of stone and mud
Works with flint and wood.
Looks after the tribe's young.

Students dug her up today
3000 years young
She looked so peaceful,
But couldn't tell us her name

BIO:  "I am Matt, English and 30. In this period of my life I am living and working as an ESL English teacher in Seoul, South Korea."