Fall 2009, Volume 7

Art by Julia Rubin

Images of Havana

     Havana is filled with contrasts. Buildings are falling down while others are being rebuilt. People are scraping together money for clothes while others are buying cell phones. Performances at the Tropicana are extravaganzas of special effects and elaborate scenery while at the National Theatre, ballet is performed under stark white light. But despite all this, the city feels vibrant, alive. For everyone there is "La Lucha" (the struggle), but for everyone there is also hope.


BIO:  Julia Rubin is a short story writer whose work has been published in a number of literary magazines including The Bitter Oleander and Pangolin Papers. Her first career as a theatrical lighting designer honed her eye for light and composition, and the marriage of this and writing gave birth to an interest in photography. At present she lives in Manhattan where she works as a stagehand on Broadway.