Fall 2009, Volume 7

Poetry by Jerry Garcia

In Paper Cup Cafés

on the boulevard
actors serve coffee
models flex their wares
eyebrow drooping scholars
yodel overt political tones
harmonizing with steamer shrieks
and grinding espresso
in conspiracy to crush
vapid listening radio.

The computer tech
integrates his presidential theory
that an inspired philandering contender
is better than a vacuous administrator.
The piano teacher
soft pedals her dirge
about losing more friends
to AIDS than war.

The distracted novelist
contorts his way to the refill station.
Holistic mothers diaper soy fed toddlers.
Enter Mr. Armani-suit demanding espresso-to-go,
finding himself muddled in the din
of an uncertain clubhouse
accepting short refuge from yammering phone calls,
dim-witted questions and wrong directions

A rush of lethargy sweeps him
like a narcotic injection
curling on threadbare couch
like a Tabby between
conflicted husband and wife

A sideways view of chaos
acceptance versus denial
a tailored outfit
begging to become a t-shirt
playing solitaire
in a paper cup café
on the boulevard.


BIO: Jerry Garcia is a poet, photographer, filmmaker and native of Los Angeles. His poetry and photography have been seen in Andwerve, Lily: Literary Review, poeticdiversity, Lounge Lit Anthology, and The November 3rd Club. He has read in the Newer Poets/ALOUD Series at the Los Angeles Public Library and has also been a featured writer at Beyond Baroque, The World Stage, Rhapsodomancy and Skylight Books. He serves as a co-director of the Valley Contemporary Poets and art editor for www.poeticdiversity.org.