Spring 2023, Volume 34

Poetry by Christopher Barnes

Townscape 48

Reinforcing metal, upheld links.
Waves freight gusto in rushes.
All-glass edge.
Photocopy of collar-slipped tabby...
Where Sedna's mush crimsoned.

Townscape 49

Pointedness of 'found' adobe.
Flimsy molecule in tamarisk.
Vinyl-overlapped bathroom.
Chalked vilification dispersed...
Where Winabojo larynxed truth.

Townscape 50

Spiral tilting.
Macromolecules in vine, fictile.
Undefined, dolouring expanse.
Greyhound yowls through Renault window...
Where Metzli grabbled haar for poise.




BIO: Christopher Barnes won a Northern Arts writers award in 1998. He has worked on many multimedia projects and exhibitions, including The Art Cafe Project, Out Of The Picture, and How Gay Are Your Genes and collaborated with artists, filmmakers, and fellow writers. His collection LOVEBITES was published in 2005 by Chanticleer Press.