Spring 2008, Volume 4

Poetry by Mark Mamaradlo

Dear Night, You Are Unimpressive

Dear Night,
Where did you last leave
your romantic vastness?
Put on a decent face, dammit.
What happened to that
glittery ceiling wallpaper dress
I've heard so much about?
There are no soft silly soda drunks
hanging around run down liquor stores,
shivering silently, half asleep
through a Chicago whirlwind,
mumbling to themselves
about Tyrus Thomas' big game
while clicking their heels.
Under you tonight, Night,
there isn't an un-blanketed child
wishing something under you, Night.
There are no ladies under you,
no gentlemen either.
My only good night,
show me the sun.

BIO:  Mark Mamaradlo is currently a student at Long Beach City College. Mark spends most of his day patiently waiting for something to happen.