Spring 2008, Volume 4

Poetry by Eric Morago


She wears similes
like a leather bustier
accentuating all the right curves,
and stands towering over me
on six-inch-high-heeled metaphors.

I turn submissive in her presence
begging to be whipped by her words,
so that they might leave
letter shaped welts on my skin
that I can read with my fingers
for those times she blindfolds me.

I would gladly give up control
of my lungs to her line breaks
so they can be the force
commanding my breath,
choking me with their pauses
just to make sure
I hung
on her every thought.

I want to be tied down,
restrained by her sharp tongue
while she cuts into me
with the English Language,
so I can feel her hands
go to work inside my flesh
transforming me
into a body of her writing.

She is poetry,
a dominatrix,
and I am always
her slave.

BIO:  Eric Morago is in the MFA Creative Writing Poetry Program at California State University Long Beach. His poetry has appeared in California State University's Literary Journal, RipRap, as well as in Carving in Bone: An Anthology of Orange County Poetry, published by Moon Tide Press. He is very active in the Los Angeles and Orange County performance poetry scene and has competed in poetry slams.