Fall 2010, Volume 9

Poetry by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

Bereft In Early Spring

So you’re blooming.
So you’re tossing your buds
your whites and your pinks at my eyes

Meanwhile the restraining order
Meanwhile a little girl has to text
her forbidden father—

There’s a shattered slumber party
a cat left alone in the foreclosed house
where love took a drunken leap

out the bedroom window
and hasn’t been heard from since…

So you’ll leaf
So you’ll fruit
So you’ll go through all the motions

But don’t even try to plunder my grief
Don’t try to snatch my empty stare
or tempt me with summer cherries

I will sit among the ashes
I will not
be moved…


BIO: Naomi Ruth Lowinsky's poem "Madelyn Dunham, Passing On" won first prize in the Obama Millennium Contest. Her work has been widely published and has appeared or is forthcoming in Argestes, Backwards City Review, Bogg, Cadillac Cicatrix, The Cape Rock, The Chaffin Journal, Comstock Review, Dogwood Review, Earth's Daughters, Euphony, G.W. Review, Ibbetson Street Press, Jewish Women's Literary Annual, Left Curve, Lullwater Review, Meridian Anthology Of Contemporary Poetry, Nassau Review, The Pinch, Poem, Quiddity, Rattle, Runes, Schuylkill Valley Journal Of The Arts, Ship of Fools, Sierra Nevada Review, Southern Humanities Review, The Spoon River Poetry Review, The Texas Review, Tightrope, Weber Studies, Westview, and Willow Review. Her poetry collection, crimes of the dreamer, was published in 2005. She is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Berkeley, CA and the poetry and fiction editor of Psychological Perspectives, which is published by the Los Angeles Jung Institute.