Fall 2010, Volume 9

Poetry by Karoline Vielemeyer

On Travelling

I was on a sailing trip to Tocopilla—as usual.
It was nearly midnight
and I went to get ice-cream from God.
It was that time of the year when the ocean
had to carry an umbrella (for safety).
My spirits and arms where high
up in the air, embracing
the day to come—
eternity will start tomorrow.

The Study of Aging at Midnight

Blue light is forcing its way
across my bathroom floor.
I love how it grows prettier
when catching it from the right angle.

It makes my hands smell rusty,
more than usually—
like old bridges that have carried
whatever desired to move—
It accelerates my silence.


Please eat the next morning.
This one tasted like rotten light
that has turned
into a soft crust of irony
embracing the earth—
talking to me in Cantonese silence.


BIO: Karoline Vielemeyer was born in Germany and has lived in the United States for the last two years. She is currently studying at Mount Holyoke College and majoring in Theater Arts. For her poetry she has so far received two honorary mentions in the Judith Stark Contest at her former institution. She also attended the poetry workshop at Charles University this summer where she received a John Woods scholarship and worked with professors like Gerald Costanzo from Carnegie Mellon.