Spring 2013, Volume 14

Poetry by Robert Balun

Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Happened So Far

I guess we have ghosts now

you pour water from your purse
while I get flooded with moths
and crushed by that softest ocean

we can’t talk here
our speakers slowly crackle

I threw two things
two times
each made of snow and filled with shatter
waited for the breaking scatter
to see if this was

the garden made from pillars of glass
filled with those who lost ahold of their dancing flowers

here the new is the endless
you have you forever like a theory or a dream

I look for something to find
left in the woods
my pockets stuffed with snow and pine





BIO: Robert Balun works at a bar and is getting his MFA at The City College
of New York.  His poems have appeared in
Vector Press, the Cobalt
Review, Keep This Bag Away From Children, and several others.  Robert
was the winner of
Empirical Magazine’s 2012 poetry contest.  He is a
Sydney Jacoff Scholar.