Spring 2013, Volume 14

Poetry by Sonia Lopez

Black Boom

My life rages on like the radical kinetic reactions
That send rockets booming up into god's third eye.
Or like the inertia that assists the living off rooftops
So that they can meet their dead grandparents in
Everlasting birthday parties in the sky.
My life reads unapologetically,
Like a grammatically incorrect fortune cookie.
My body eats away inside of me because there is enough to go around.
I let boys feed on me when I feel sweet enough.
They use my pelvic bones as party hats,
Spinning me around like an insubstantial element.
Some men roll me around on their tongues
Massaging me with their taste buds while I lay drowning.
My life rages on every day and you can see it on my face,
The change is cradled in the hollow of my brown eyes and in the way I smile.
I am vigorously putrefying like the fruit in my pantry,
Like the dog I petted this morning.
I am deliberately dissolving and
Disobediently disemboweling myself inside the mouth of men I used to know,
Spilling out from the plasma of life.
Intravenously siphoned into death's blue veins
By the hands of men I once loved.
While my life rages on
In a fiery black boom
A mere sooty ember
Flung into god's third eye.





BIO: Sonia Lopez is a full time undergraduate student at Syracuse University. Born and raised in Houston, Texas Sonia grew up reading favorites such as Anne Rice, Charles Bukowski, and Allen Ginsburg. Sonia is double majoring in Psychology and Sociology working towards a Bachelor of Arts but writing as well as reading poetry remain to be her principal passions.