Spring 2010, Volume 8

Poetry by Eric Morago

The Night of My Ten-Year Reunion

I stay home, drinking
from a bottle of scotch,
aged twelve years.

Did you ever want to be more than this, I ask it.


Well what then?

         A Molotov cocktail.  How about you?

I don’t knowA poet, I guess.

         You and I, we aren’t that different, it tells me.

As I take another swig,
I can feel my skin turn to glass,
my booze-soaked guts burning,
and all I want is to throw myself
against this world, shatter and explode—
shatter and explode, into one great fireball
people won’t soon forget.


BIO: Eric Morago's work has appeared in various publications, including an anthology of Orange County poets entitled Carving in Bone published by Moon Tide Press and has poems appearing in an forthcoming anthology of Long Beach poetry published by World Parade Books. He has been a featured poet all over Southern California, has taken first place in numerous poetry slams, and is the Poet in Residence of the California Workforce Association. In May of 2009, Eric earned his MFA in poetry from California State University, Long Beach.